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Embark on a maritime journey as we usher in the New Year with our exquisite Dhow Cruise, Yacht, and Speed Boat celebrations. Join us for a night of elegance, sea breeze, and festive cheer.

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Dhow Cruise

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Yacht Nights

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Speed Boats

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New Year Cruise

Set sail for enchantment on our Dhow Cruise. Experience the romance of the waters as you glide past iconic landmarks, all while indulging in a delightful blend of Arabian hospitality and cuisine.

2.5 Hrs

Starts from:
AED 700

2.5 Hrs

Starts from:
AED 850

2.5 Hrs

Starts from:
AED 1000

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Sail Into Luxury: Yacht Party Extravaganza

Experience the epitome of opulence with our Yacht Party (Sharing) at AED 3000 per person. Gather your group (min 6 pax) for a night of music, DJ beats, unlimited gourmet delights, drinks, and the serene embrace of the waters. Set sail on a 5-hour journey into luxury and celebration like never before.

Sharing AED 3000/ Person

immerse yourself in the ultimate Yacht Party experience withall the addons.

Private Yacht Party

message us for personalized details on our Private Yacht Party.

Yacht Party Celebration

Yacht Party (Sharing) package at just AED 3000 per person. Gather your group (min 6 pax) for an unforgettable maritime experience, where every moment becomes a memory worth cherishing.

Exclusive Private Yacht Party

For an exclusive celebration, message us for personalized details on our Private Yacht Party. Elevate your event with luxury, privacy, and a touch of maritime magic. Your unforgettable journey begins with a message.

Coastal Explorer

Embark on the Coastal Explorer Speed Boat Tour, where the thrill of the open sea meets the beauty of the coastline.

AED 800/person

Sunset Voyage (Private)

Indulge in the magic of the Sunset Voyage Speed Boat Tour, where the sun dips below the horizon, painting the sky in hues of orange and pink.

Velocity on the Waves: Speed Boat Tours

Experience exhilaration like never before with our Speed Boat Tours. Navigate the azure waters at thrilling speeds, where each twist and turn unveils breathtaking coastal vistas.

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